August 2016: The Victoria



Ever wondered what the worst band in the history of music would be. Well we picked it. A supergroup of arseholes. And we called it Cuntfest. Each band member was assigned to an artist and then illustrations, sculptures and paintings were created to celebrate the worst people in music. During the opening night there was a shooting range, specially made cunty-cocktails and kunt karaoke, where heckling was very much encouraged. 


Rob Flowers  –  Tim Easley  –  Russell Taysom  –  Liane Plant  
Bobby Dance  –  Sam Hamer  –  Andy Forshaw  – Joe Goicoechea  –  Luke Embden
Bryan Mayes  –  Lois Orchard  –  Chris Stevens  –  George Yarnton

NSFW (depending on where you work)